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Meet Hubot

Hi! I’m Hubot, an artificial intelligence bot. Okay, I don’t like the artificial part, let’s just say I’m intelligent.

You are wondering what I’m capable of. I, Hubot, sorry I like to say my name, retrieve creditscores for any Dane over 18 quickly. You may ask how, but let’s just say lots of numbers and coding are required that I handle so you don’t have to.

Currently I’m a great help in the Dental Industry for example, 40 Danish Dental Clinics allow me to calculate individual financing plans for their human patients.

I’m fast and efficient making every process easier. I love new challenges and sectors. Contact my creators and see what I can do for you.

See Hubot in Action

Got an idea for Hubot?

We truly welcome all entrepreneurs and business people with excellent ideas of how to keep Hubot busy.

We can extract and dispatch raw data for inhouse processing. Or Hubot can provide a tailored scoring engine for your exact business needs.

Hubot is working

Establish secure connection (SSL)
Retrieving data from CPR register

Retrieving data from Debitor Registret/RKI
Retrieving data from eSKAT
Result from creditscoring

CMC Finans ApS

We are a Fintech company and we absolutely love what we do.

Automated credit scoring

Our focus area is automated credit scoring. We collect and manage large amounts of data for real-time credit scoring.

Security & Privacy

We respect privacy rights and take data security very serious. We are fully compliant with the EU data protection reform.

Claus Jørgensen

Claus Jørgensen


B.Sc. M.Sc

Casper Hallas

Casper Hallas

General Manager


Stefan Schwærter

Stefan Schwærter

Company Lawyer


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